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Austin Walking Tour Special for Seniors

Austin Walking Tour Special for Seniors

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One of our special trip packages was developed in collaboration with elderly experts to provide a one-of-a-kind adaptation for our senior consumers! You will be able to enjoy the city's most romantic spots with the assistance of a local expert guide. After being officially chosen to be the new capital of the Republic of Texas, this lovely city, Waterloo, was renamed to Austin in order to honor the “Father of Texas" and the first secretary of state, Stephen F. Austin. What are some of the greatest sites in town to go on a date and take beautiful photos? The pleasant atmosphere will enchant you, and you will be surprised by the numerous historical love stories of the city that are hidden around you, in the architecture, parks, and how the locals live their daily lives, which could be thrilling and chilling, heartbreaking, tragic, hilarious, or even spicy. The distinctive Moonlight Towers, which are the supreme Austin eccentricity—especially given it's the only city in the world that still uses them as perfectly excellent street lights—are one of the fascinating spots that you will be escorted to visit in the city. This tour is especially recommended during the Saint Valentine's season!

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